Metal Print

Photo panel printing service that prints on metal (aluminum panel) by sublimation transfer printing.

Features of Metal Print

  • Semi-permanent durability for indoor use.
  • It is highly resistant to friction, fire, and chemicals, and is scratch and abrasion resistant.
  • It is not affected by humidity and has high chemical resistance, so any glass cleaner can be used.
  • 14 coating layers provide excellent “color/durability” and unparalleled depth, gloss, depth, and color.
  • It boasts high reproducibility with extremely excellent image quality.
  • Its high durability allows it to be displayed without glass, and its archival quality is designed to last a generation.
  • The back frame (material: aluminum, thickness: 15 mm) is attached to the back side, allowing it to be displayed as if it were floating off the wall.

Reference prices

Available in 5 sizes. Other sizes are also available! Please contact us if you need a larger size.

  • 300.0*400.0mm ¥44,000
  • 406.4*508.0mm ¥55,000
  • 254.0*508.0mm ¥44,000
  • 406.4*609.6mm ¥66,000
  • 609.6*914.4mm ¥99,000

Price includes packaging and shipping costs.

Ordering, Shipping, and Cancellation of Products

  • Product orders will be placed only after confirmation of payment by PAYPAL.
  • Shipping will be via EMS by Japan Post. You can check the delivery status of your package on your PC or smartphone.
  • You will receive the product approximately one month after placing an order.
  • Arrival and departure may be delayed due to weather conditions.
  • Defects other than initial defects cannot be handled.
  • Please note that we cannot accept cancellations after an order has been placed, as the product is completely made to order.

Ordering Method

  1. Contact us on the official LINE with the photos of the tour you want to print.
  2. Determine print size. (Depending on the composition of the photo, some sizes may not be available, but this will be discussed and decided upon.)
  3. We will make a print-size photo for you to check on the image.
  4. You will be charged a fee based on the size via PAYPAL.
  5. We order prints from vendors.
  6. Once the print is completed, it will be delivered to Naon. We will check the contents and if there are no abnormalities, we will ship it to your country by EMS.
  7. We will contact you with a tracking number for your prints.