List of charges

Tour Menu

*Boat Tour prices include boarding fee.

*Additional Tour Photos 3,300JPY / 5Pics

Limited Time Tour Menu

  • Eary Morning Skindiving Photo Tour(Limited time) 16,000JPY / 1H  ※6/1~9/30
  • Eary Morning Fun Skindiving&training(Limited time) 12,700JPY / 1H ※6/1~9/30
  • Sunset Skindiving Photo Tour(Limited time) 18,200JPY / 1H ※6/1~9/30
  • Sunset Fun Skindiving&training(Limited time) 13,800JPY / 1H ※6/1~9/30
  • Whale Swim(Limited time) ¥-------- / 8H  ※Jan~Mar (Tour ends in 2024, Look forward to 2025!)

Scuba Menu

  • Beach Scuba Diving 14,900JPY / 1dive *For those who can understand Japanese
  • Additional Beach Scuba Diving 10,500JPY / 1 additional dive
  • Option Scuba Photo 10,500JPY


  • High-quality image delivery 5,500JPY / 1set JPG (highest resolution)*We do not support delivery in other formats, such as RAW data.
  • Additional Tour Photos 3,300JPY / 5Pics
  • Metal Print *See this page
  • Photo Book *See this page

Fun-freediving Rental ※In case of damage or loss of rental items, please pay the actual cost.            

  • Long Fin 1,100JPY
  • Short Fin 550JPY
  • Wet Suite 1,100JPY
  • Mask &Snorkel 550JPY
  • Diving Computer (Scubapro M2) 2,200JPY
  • Weight & belt free

Scuba Diving Rental ※In case of damage or loss of rental items, please pay the actual cost.

  • Full set (Scuba set &Snorkel set &Wet suite)   5,500JPY
  • Scuba set(BC, Reg, Gage)       3,300JPY
  • BCD       1,650JPY
  • REG       1,650JPY
  • Snorkel set(Fins, Mask, Snorkel)   1,100JPY
  • Fins        550JPY
  • Mask &Snorkel (set)        550JPY
  • ​Wet suite (5mm)         1,100JPY
  • Rental items not included in the full set
  • Diving Computer (Scubapro M2)     2,200JPY

*All prices above are per person (tax included).

Payment Method

All Tours

  • PAYPAL (Advance payment by PAYPAL only. Full payment for the tour, excluding rental fee, is required at the time of reservation.)※Other fees, such as rental fees, are to be paid in cash on the day of the event.
  • Rental items are paid in cash on the day of rental.