Tour Participation Notes

About Medical History

If you are currently in the hospital, taking medication, have a chronic illness, or have any health concerns, please be sure to consult with us in advance.

*If you have pneumothorax, heart disease, or epilepsy, we cannot guide you even if you have a medical certificate.

*If you are found to be in poor health, have been drinking, or have a hangover, we will refuse your participation in the tour. Please understand that a cancellation fee will be incurred in such cases.


A skin diving liability waiver and assumption of risk agreement completed by a parent or guardian is required.

Please contact us at the time of reservation.

Please fill out the skin diving liability waiver and risk assumption agreement sent to you via our official LINE, and submit it with the signature of the person with parental authority via our official LINE or e-mail in advance.

Compliance with Accident Prevention

A, Excerpt from the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Okinawa Prefectural Ordinance on Prevention of Water Accidents and Ensuring the Safety of Swimmers, etc.

(1) To learn the proper use of snorkeling equipment.

(2) Life vests must be worn while snorkeling.

(3) Do not snorkel while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

(4) Observe the buddy system while snorkeling.

(5) The product shall not harm the growth of fish and shellfish in aquaculture or livestock farming.

(6) Follow the instructions or guidance of the snorkeling guide.

B, Naon’s own safety management compliance requirements

(1) Do not be overconfident in your own skills.

(2) Do not use dangerous skills. (especially hyperventilation, packing, replacement methods, and no exhaling underwater.)

(3) Divers must dive with proper weights (overweight is prohibited).

(4) If the ears do not fall out, do not dive any further and be sure to surface.

(5) Know how long you can dive and surface with enough time to spare.

(6) After diving once, take surface rest for three times the time spent diving to recover the blood oxygen level. (It is advisable to wear a diving computer and count the surface time.)

(7) Remove the snorkel from the mouth when diving. (To prevent accidental ingestion of seawater)

(8) Be careful of rocks and man-made surface attachments in the sea. Do not touch them unnecessarily or sit in a swim suit.

(9) Do not touch or chase marine life.

➉Do not enter underwater crepices or side holes unnecessarily. (You will destroy the coral with your fin tip. Also, no one can predict when an accident will occur, and by the time something happens, it will be too late and rescue will be difficult).

(11) Do not stand on corals.

​Discount terms

Some discount plans are available only for residents in Japan, depending on the type of plan. Please see the discount page for details.

  • Follow Naon’s official Instagram
  • Register for the official LINE
  • Use of official LINE STAMP CARD
  • GoogleMap Review Entry

is neccesary.

For 1&2, we ask that you do so between the time you make your tour reservation and the time you join the tour.

3 is requested when you join the tour and 4 is requested after the tour.

We are willing to give you a discount first based on the relationship of trust with our customers!

Payment Method

PAYPAL or Cash (We request PAYPAL prepayment as much as possible.)

*If you pay in cash

  • Boat tours – Payment is required before the tour starts. This is to ensure that the tour ends smoothly and that you can go on to your next appointment.
  • Beach tours: Payment is required after the tour.

Please note that we will accept cash, so it would be greatly appreciated if you could bring as little change as possible.

Cancellation Policy

Skidiving photo, Fun skindiving, Training, License course

  • Cancellation from 1weeks to 3 days before・・・Payment of 30% of the basic tour fee
  • Cancellation from 2 days and on the day before・・・Payment of 50% of the basic tour fee
  • Cancellation on the day of reservation・・・Payment of 100% of the basic tour fee for any reason

Whale Swim

  • Cancellation from 2 weeks to 3 days prior to the reservation up to 0:00am・・・Payment of 50% of the basic tour fee
  • Cancellation after 0:00am 3 days prior to the event・・・Payment of 80% of the basic tour fee
  • Cancellation on the day of reservation・・・Payment of 100% of the basic tour fee for any reason

About pick-up

We don’t have the staff to pick you up and drop you off, so we will meet you there.

In some cases, this may be possible, so please consult with us.

  • Boat tour guests

 If you are staying in the port area (south of Tomari Port and west of Route 58 only), please consult with us at the time of reservation.

  • Beach tour guests

 If you are staying in the vicinity of Chatan – Onna Village, please consult us when making your reservation.

About the shooting data

  • We do not provide immediate data delivery at the end of the tour.
  • We will later select the photos and carefully develop each one before handing it over to you.
  • Basic data will be 3000px on the long side.
  • High quality delivery is available at an additional cost.
  • RAW data delivery is not supported.
  • Please carefully read the information on the consent form at the time of the tour regarding the handling of the photographed data.

About rental equipment

If you need a rental, please contact us as soon as possible before joining the tour.

Click here to see rental items

*Please note that loss or damage of equipment due to customer negligence will be charged at actual cost.

Damage to Rental Items

Since it is used outdoors, there is no problem with dirt or minor scratches associated with normal use, but in the event of damage or defacement intentionally or due to the customer's negligence, you will be required to reimburse the repair fee, the cost of purchasing an equivalent product, or the cost of purchasing an equivalent product.

  • If it is lost or stolen. You will be required to pay up to the manufacturer's price of the rental product.
  • If it is damaged. In case of damage, we will check the situation and inform you of the details of the compensation.

About manufacturer repair request fee If repair at the manufacturer is required, it is necessary to bring it to the repair reception agency and pick it up, etc., and during this period, which takes about 2 ~ 3 weeks until the request ~ repair is completed, it can no longer be handled as a rental item, so it is separate from the repair fee and the "manufacturer repair request fee" including shipping and handling fee 2,500yen will be charged. If I send the actual product to the manufacturer and the result is that it cannot be repaired, the same arrangement will be required, so you will be charged the same way. After confirming the contents, if you agree, we will charge you again, so please pay by the specified method.


  • The tour may be cancelled due to sea conditions on the day of the tour.
  • Cancellation due to weather conditions will be considered a cancellation for personal reasons and will be subject to a cancellation fee.
  • Dive sites will be determined at our discretion based on the sea conditions of the day.
  • All baggage (especially cameras and smartphones), valuables (wallets, etc.), and other belongings are to be taken care of by the passenger. (Water damage, loss, theft, etc.) Please take care of your own valuables by not leaving them within sight. We recommend the use of a dry room or a waterproof case during the boat tour. It is possible that you may be injured during the tour. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may occur during the tour.